About Mel

A former electric power and telecommunications executive, Mel Nelson founded Executive Management Systems in 2002 and has continued to broaden his base of clients and deepen his span of solutions.

Over the last decade, as a trusted advisor, he has achieved results for his clients in:

  • Executive Coaching
  • Organizational Transformation
  • Executive Succession Planning
  • Leadership Development
  • Board Restructuring
  • Coaching Emerging Talent
  • Business Process Improvement
  • Transformation from a Privately Held to Publicly Traded Company

He has published two books – Building Bridges: Today’s Decisions – Gateway to Your Future (2012) and Business Model Innovation: Proven Strategies that Really Work (2009 – co-authored with John & Imelda Butler).

In 2007, he became affiliated with Odyssey Transformational Strategies, an international consulting network based in Dublin. Nelson was at the table when the Top-Quartile Performance Institute (TQPI), also an international network of business consultants, was formed in April of 2011, with headquarters in Colorado Springs, Colo. Nelson is one of five independent consultants tapped in 2010 to serve on the Odyssey Leadership Team, and he is also one of five consultants serving as thought-leaders guiding the development of the TQPI network.

In his previous 25 years of corporate leadership, Mel’s accomplishments include:

  • Delivering numerous riveting speeches to national and international audiences
  • Developing and implementing multiple strategic planning and marketing initiatives
  • Creating corporate brand recognition
  • Leading growth strategies
  • Turning around an under-performing organization
  • Driving new business development
  • Directing media and public relations activities during natural disasters and controversial events
  • Producing numerous award-winning marketing and advertising campaigns
  • Directing power system operations for a regional power supplier
  • Managing a regional electric power system control center
  • Developing the strategic plan for the Touchstone Energy brand
  • Directing development of a world-renowned energy management program, including global research
  • Earning the prestigious Westinghouse Nikola Tesla Award for innovation and leadership