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Distrust on a National Scale

On November 30th, the Associated Press published an article entitled, “In God we trust, maybe, but not each other.” Based on a poll completed the month before, it concluded, “Americans don’t trust each other anymore.” Today, “only one-third of Americans say most people can be trusted.” Think about it: A nation of distrusters does notContinue Reading

Two Very Different – Yet Effective – Ways to Build Trust

Two Very Different – Yet Effective – Ways to Build Trust By Mel Nelson, CEO Developing trust is a critical leadership role and skill – one that continues to fascinate me. In recent weeks I had two conversations with two accomplished leaders on how they establish trust. Both of these leaders are men I respectContinue Reading

Real World Integrity

Real world integrity is the alignment of honorable intentions with disciplined behavior. Recently I had the opportunity to speak to a chapter of the FBI National Academy at their annual meeting. The audience was comprised of law enforcement executives and professionals who have completed an intensive ten-week program offered by the FBI to a veryContinue Reading