Mel is very thoughtful and engaging. Very well researched, he has a real gift of “connecting” with members of his audience. Mel actually lives the values and concepts of his books. He is sincere and very credible. I have known Mel for many years. He is constant, unwavering, a man of impeccable character.
Vern Dosch, President & CEO
National Information Solutions Cooperative
Mel is a very qualified and respected professional. He is able to identify with the audience and – most important – help build consensus, especially on critical issues that are not clear-cut in nature. He first developed the engineering logic and critical board, employee, and member communication efforts for a new rate at the previous cooperative I managed. The Verendrye Electric Cooperative board of directors has hired Mel twice to be our strategic planning session facilitator with great success. I also used Mel for Verendrye Electric Cooperative team building and management training. You won’t get a better combination of engineering expertise and yet a common sense down-to-earth communication style.
Bruce Carlson, General Manager
Verendrye Electric Cooperative