• Integrity-Based Success
“There are five key principles for integrity-based success.”

• Creating Your Corporate Culture: Proactively … or by default
“Is there a deliberate, proactive and comprehensive strategy in place in your enterprise to create a healthy culture and refresh it continually? Or is a dysfunctional corporate culture being created by default? In this presentation, Mel discusses three critical leadership behaviors.”

• Culture: Two Critical Drivers
“Culture is a powerful driver of business success or failure. This topic explores the two critical drivers of culture.”

• Emotional Intelligence: Leadership Bedrock
“Emotional intelligence and integrity are the two key bedrock elements for effective leadership.”

• What Bridges Teach Us in Business & Life
“Bridges are a path to the future, to take us from where we are to where we want to go. The present is driven by those who anticipated today while it was still in the future … when in their minds tomorrow was today.”

• Trust: The Result of Personal Integrity
“Trust will never be found where there is no foundation of personal integrity. Trust and integrity are next of kin. Trust is a fundamental outcome in personal and business relationships, an outcome which results from a consistent pattern of integrity-driven behavior, an unswerving pattern of conduct over the long haul.”

• Values – The Neglected Anchor of Leadership
“Values are critically important in driving personal and business success, yet they are not readily visible … and oft neglected. Leadership is anchored in values just as the suspension cables of a majestic bridge are anchored in cable anchorages … which are largely out of sight, yet critical to the structural integrity of the bridge.”


I’ve had the opportunity to listen to Mel a number of times and attend some of his courses / workshops. I really enjoy Mel’s speaking style and his methods of presentation. He does a really nice job of intertwining leadership principles with real life situations in your career, your relationships with people and your family. He’s interactive in his speaking style in a way that encourages and builds up his audience and he uses humor to put people at ease. He establishes his credibility pretty quickly through his bio and how he relates to his clients / audience. However, my interest becomes most peaked when he gives you the tools to do some real introspection on your own leadership style and interpersonal relationships. His methods of measurement work extremely well and allow you to see where your strengths and weaknesses lie. His principles also show you how to strengthen in certain areas where you may be lacking skills. He’s one of the better speakers I’ve listened to on how to guide your decision-making by using these principles in all facets of your life. And, it’s refreshing that he interjects the importance of his faith in the personal examples he uses.

David Todd
Deputy Chief of Field Services – Fargo Police Department


Mel has great stories that help make the point he is discussing with us. Mel encourages participants to talk about ideas they have throughout his presentation. His presentations are engaging and filled with opportunities for small and large group work. Mel makes a point and then asks for feedback from participants by forming small groups and/or asking individuals to share thoughts and ideas. Mel’s previous work in the private sector helps with his credibility. Mel’s consulting work with various clients gives him credibility as well. Also, having repeat customers brings a lot of credibility to Mel. His goal is to meet and exceed expectations of the client and when he is asked back you see that he has met expectations of that client.

Marie Hvidsten, Ed.D.
Rural Leadership Specialist/RLND Program Director North Dakota State University Extension Service